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Galahad 05-20-2009 11:29 AM

New to Backing up and external HD
I posted the following on the Mac OSG forum and was advised to come here for comprehensive advice and help.....

"I have just bought a LaCie 1TB d2 quadra from my local Apple Store, and installed it this morning, but now comes the difficult part

I want to use it to back up my G5 (Power PC) and two Mac Laptops, a new Macbook (Intel core duo) and an older MacBook Pro, which my son uses.

I can download the LaCie Intego Backup Assistant for free or pay for their pro version, but I remember seeing that people rave about Carbon Copy Cloner (have I got that right) and Superduper.

Although I know my way around my Macs, I am not well versed in backing up (bootable drive etc). Can someone give me a brief explanation and advice as to which programme to use please.


Seems they mostly like Superduper, but I know nothing about it or how best to use it, the drive is connected by a Firewire 800 lead, and it has been formatted to the standard Mac format. So far that's all I have done.

Any advice and assisstance would be welcome.


dnanian 05-20-2009 12:02 PM

OK, Tony. You need to partition the drive (and you will have to decide whether you want the Power PC or the laptops to be bootable, since Intel Macs and Power PC Macs require different partition schemes to work 'officially').

Let me suggest you drop me a note to support and I'll provide you with instructions.

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