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amathie 05-12-2005 04:09 PM

Using SuperDuper on a Digital Audio Workstation
I have a recording studio, at the centre of which is a G5 running Steinbergs Nuendo. There are many associated plug-ins for virtual instruments and studio effects like reverberation. Some of these are copy protected by a USB dongle, others require a challege/response type authorisation.

My main hard drive failed recently and so did my backup strategy; hence I am now looking for a more robust backup system, and have been interested in safety clones offered by Superduper.

Many audio workstations have two drives, one for system and the other for audio files and samples which are accessed by the sequencer software and virtual instruments. I'm trying to imagine the implications of booting from a safety clone; for example will software authorisations work, what will be the reduction in efficiency in terms of the number of audio tracks that can be played back etc. If anyone could shed any light, I would be grateful.

One final point with regard to Tiger issues. Please could you confirm that bootable clones and smart update will work reliably. Many thanks

dnanian 05-12-2005 04:24 PM

Hi, amathie. Welcome.

It's important to recognize that a Safety Clone is not a backup, so don't think of it that way. (See my blog for more on this naming issue.) But a full clone -- "Backup - all files" -- is useful in case of failures.

The Safety Clone is very useful for System Isolation when testing out OS updates and the like, however, since you can roll back quite easily by just rebooting back to the original.

But, highly copy protected programs are a huge issue. Obviously, we can't copy their 'authorizations' or they wouldn't be very protected. On a Safety Clone, the application stays on the original drive, and this tends to keep the activations working (though I obviously haven't tried everything out there, so this might not always be the case), but to be certain you'd have to try it...

SD! is compatible with Tiger, given the caveats listed in the FAQ. Tiger's obviously brand new, and has its own issues, but we've done our best to document each of the potential problems along with workarounds.

Hope that's useful.

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