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ChetA 09-06-2005 10:22 AM

Problem getting apps to run on clone volume
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I am planning to upgrade my eMac 800MHz Power PC G4 (ver 2.1) to Tiger from OS X 10.2.8. I am still running 10.2.8. My internal Macintosh HD drive is a 55.89 GB (1K = 1024) with 16.28 GB used which I want to partition before I install Tiger. I have an external Firewire hard drive with 3 partitions called Vol1 10GB, Vol2 20GB and Vol3 202GB. The 20GB partition currently holds a 10.2.8 "Backup - all files" cloned from Macintosh HD to Vol2. I want to use this as a "migration source" during the installation of Tiger and as an emergency backup system if the installation fails. The 10GB partition holds a "Safety clone - shared users and applications" for OS X 10.2.8 to gain experience with this feature. I intend to use it for a similar Safety clone for Tiger. The third partition is used for miscellaneous storage.

I am experiencing a problem when running on the 10.2.8 Vol2 clone. Starting an application from the Dock starts the application on the Macintosh HD instead of the Vol2 disk. It is very confusing. If I choose "show in Finder" for a Dock Icon while running on the Vol2 clone, it shows the application as being on the Macintosh HD, unless the icon is for a program started as a Login Item. Then it shows the application as being on Vol2. However, if I quit the "Login Item" program and restart it, the program located on the Macintosh HD is started, not the program on the Vol2 drive. Even if I remove the icon from the Dock and replace it with an icon from the Vol2 program, clicking the icon still starts the program on the Macintosh HD. Does the Dock have a preference that I can trash to eliminate this behavior? I'm afraid I may not be able to run the Vol2 clone after I install Tiger on Macintosh HD if it tries to startup Tiger programs from Macintosh HD.

In the past I have had a second clean copy of 10.2.8 installed on a 5GB partition on the external Firewire disk as a safety startup device. I did not have any problems with interactions between the systems on Macintosh HD and that on the firewire disk partition. This makes me believe the problem is somehow related to the clone nature of the system on Vol2.

I have looked at the SuperDuper! log. I note that there are actually fewer symlinks copied in making the “Safety clone – shared users and applications” clone to Vol1 than are copied in making the “Backup – all files” clone to Vol2. When I look at the Vol1 Applications folder in the Finder, I can clearly see which applications were copied and which were aliased (symlinked). When I look at the Vol2 Application folder in the Finder, all applications appear to have been copied and will run on Vol2 if I double-click them in the Finder. But if I start them from the Dock, the Macintosh HD copies are run.

I am attaching my SuperDuper! log (in 2 parts) in case that will be useful to you.

dnanian 09-06-2005 10:59 AM

Hi, Chet.

What you're seeing is that the Dock actually stores its application references, internally, as Aliases. If your backup drive is named differently than the source, and is available when you try to "use" the alias, it'll "find" the original file by volume name and path, and thus open the "wrong" one.

To resolve this kind of thing, you'd want to rename the backup volume to the *same* as the source volume before booting from it (Smart Update it first just to update the backup). Then, it'll see the boot volume before the original, and the aliases will resolve to it instead.

Regarding a Safety Clone -- yes, that makes sense, since many (many) files -- including symlinks -- aren't copied when doing a Safety Clone. That makes sense.

Does that help to explain?

ChetA 09-06-2005 02:12 PM

Thanks for the clarification of what's going on. I wasn't sure if it is the expected result or an error caused by something in my system.

I plan to reinitialize and partition my internal drive before I install Tiger. If I understand your comment I should NOT name any partition on the internal drive "Macintosh HD". Instead I should choose new names for all partitions on the internal drive. Then I can rename what I now call "Vol2" to be "Macintosh HD" and I should not have any unwanted interactions between the old OS X 10.2.8 system (on the new Macintosh HD) and the new Tiger system on the reinitized internal drive.

That's great. I appreciate your prompt response.

Thanks again,
Chet Armstrong

dnanian 09-06-2005 02:19 PM

That sounds just about right, Chet!

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