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homesick 01-26-2006 05:32 PM

New iMac - in with my Powerbook clone - procedure?
I've been using SD for some time now and it works perfectly. I'm about to buy me an iMac to use at home and I'll continue using my Powerbook as a real laptop from now on.

My current scenario is that I'm using the Powerbook G4 as my main & only Mac - backed up to an external iOmega tripple interface HD, cloned-"backup all files" using Smart Update.

I'm a bit puzzled with how I should sync my Powerbook and the new iMac so that I always have the same clone in both machines. Please help me out.

Is it the right procedure - to install the Mac OS X Tiger that my iMac is obviously coming with at the first place - I mean, as soon as I turn it on it'll ask me about my personal data, time zone etc etc, I'm not sure I can jump over that part at all. My goal here is to actualy clone from the external HD to the iMac and simply have all my needed apps and files there right away. Is this possible?

I guess I need to install the Super Duper on the iMac as well, boot from the external HD and chose to clone to the Macintosh HD on the iMac. Am I right here?

The _final_ goal is to always clone the Mac I've used last - to the external HD, then boot from it and clone the other machine.

Am I thinking right here? Thanks in advance :-)

dnanian 01-26-2006 06:38 PM

We're not really a "sync" program, homesick. While you can certainly copy one machine to the other (you'd boot the iMac in FireWire target disk mode, then copy from the Powerbook to the iMac's drive), the "source" always wins. We're not going to copy the most recent stuff from one machine to the other...

homesick 01-26-2006 07:10 PM

Well thanks for the time zone difference, I'm soon off to bed but I guess it's afternoon in y´the US now :-)

Anyway, well, it's OK if the source always wins because if I was working with my Powerbook on the train home and I do as you say - FW target boot the iMac, it'll get updated with the most recent changes I've made on the Powerbook. Vice versa - if I work on the iMac I could boot my Powerbook in the FW disk mode and clone using the direction iMac to Powerbook. All this is fine _but_ I think I've just realized there's a hook, a big one... :-)

I'm basicaly having my Powerbook "on" all the time, it only goes to sleep every night. I'm using Macaroni for the maintenance jobs and I sometimes leave the PB active during the night in order to let the OS X run it's own maintenance stuff during the night. This means that I'm rebooting maybe once, twice a month, mostly after the Pocket Mac freezes the Powerbook while syncing with the Pocket PC device I'm using. That's the only problem I'm having.

If I use the cloning back & forth as described above it would mean at least one reboot of each machine a day. MOst of the people I'm talking to are having their Macs on or asleep, they never turn them off really.

What's your opinion on this issue? Isn't it too much to reboot once a day (meaning not only for the hardware but also as a time consuming thing), and would you recommend using a sync program? I've noticed you mentioning the Chronos Sync somewhere on your site (hm, or in the manual/user guide...) as a good program.

Hm, I've just seen that my iMac would be coming with (installed) more recent versions of the software I have in my Powerbook. iLife is 06 now etc. I hope I'll be getting the CDs of these apps as well so I could update them in the Powerbook before I clone by erasing the iMacs HD content.....

Thanks :-)

dnanian 01-26-2006 07:12 PM

Actually, it's about 7pm here right now...

Anyway, I guess this just seems like overkill. I assume you just want to synchronize your -- or some of your -- documents? I'd use something like FolderShare ( to do it. Or even a .Mac iDisk.

homesick 01-26-2006 07:41 PM

Well OK, this would really be a perfect solution if it was only about the saved files in the Documents map. But if I'm using the email program while on the road (Gyaz Mail, not Mail2) I'd need to sync a specific folder - will FolderShare be able to do that?

That's why my idea was a sync program that could compare the complete content of a Macintosh HD (instead of constant rebooting & cloning) and synchronize the changed files, no matter if it's a well "hidden" Gyaz Mail's catalogue, or some newly added iTunes songs or photos downloaded while on the road...

Does the FolderShare do this? I'm just reading now... don't really get it. I see one drawback (although it's free :-) ) and that is that I need to be connected to Internet in order to use the FolderShare. What if my connection at home brakes down? Oh, I'm not in panic here but it does happen...

dnanian 01-26-2006 07:44 PM

Yes, it should be able to deal with Mail... but it might not be the right solution for you. IMAP, however, is the way to deal with Mail: can you access your mail through IMAP instead of POP?

homesick 01-27-2006 02:59 AM

No, I don't have the IMAP option and I don't really trust is either. IMHO it suits me better to know that I have my mail archive localy (and backed up)...

Well thanks, this posting and your answers has helped me to come to the conclusion. I won't be Super Duping back & forth between the two Macs and athe external HD which means too many reboots etc, I believe that the software synchronisation (Chronos Sync or some other program) is the solution.

Thanks very much!

dnanian 01-27-2006 08:04 AM

IMAP doesn't preclude a local archive, of course: it's still there, stored locally (otherwise, you couldn't work offline). It's just mirrored on the server, and synchronizes automatically too. It's quite nice to be able to access the same mail store from any number of devices, computers, or even over the web.

Sounds like you've got a good solution to your problem. Be careful, though: syncing an entire home folder like that is likely to be challenging over time.

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