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Emerson 06-22-2005 10:59 AM

SuperDuper! Erasing Audio Files?
Hi Dave,

I'm a composer who uses SuperDuper to back up my files using Smart Backup-backup all files. However, for some reason, SuperDuper is erasing my audio files. As far as I know, all other files are intact. Let me give you a few examples, I installed a 40 gig folder of Superior DFH samples. I have backed up this drive three times and each time I do I can't find the folder again--it totally ceases to exist! I've done a search and it's nowhere to be found, it's not even in the trash. I put the folder squarely on the hard drive (in other words, not in any other folder) and each time it's gone. As you can imagine, reinstalling a 40 gig drive (which I have to do over the Net) is a real pain. Then, I dragged-and-dropped some audio files into a song I was working on yesterday, opened up Logic 7.01 this morning and now they're gone too! Even if I had set SuperDuper! to erase the files from the hard drive after copying you would at least think that they would appear on the destination drive, wouldn't you? I love using SuperDuper so I hope it's me who's doing something wrong. But if not, then this is a serious problem. One note however, the files that I am using are originally WAV files from my PC but the Tiger 10.4.1 is able to handle those files now. As far as I know, AIFF files are OK although I haven't done a complete check to see yet, but it's the only thing I can think of that might be causing the problem. Thanks

dnanian 06-22-2005 11:16 AM

I guess I'm very confused, but let's try to figure out what the source is, and what the destination is.

When you drop the audio files, what drive do you install them on? The destination of the backup or the source?

We never erase files from the source drive, but if you drop the folder on the destination, and then Smart Update, that folder will definitely be erased. This is because it doesn't exist on the source, so -- by the definition of Smart Update, which is that it's "just like Erase, then copy, except faster" -- it's removed when you back up.

If it's dropped on the source, and then just doesn't appear on the destination, it might be a Finder bug. Try either ejecting the external drive or logging in/out, and then look again... Finder often won't update as you'd expect. (Although, if you're on Tiger, this shouldn't be an issue.)

Let me know if this helps... if not, a bit more information about what you're doing, what's being backed up, and what script you're using should help figure this out.

Emerson 06-22-2005 12:52 PM

Dear Confused,

Let me see if I can't clarify for you what's happening. I have two drives/three partitions--one drive has no partitions and the other has two. Right now I'm using a drive labeled Music which has two partitions and backing up to a drive called Storage that has no partitions. This is the way that I always do it so that part of the process remains the same. As for what is happening, after backing up, my 40 gig folder of audio files disappears on both drives, destination and back up. Now here's what really odd (well, as if that's not odd enough), when I record into Logic, as I did yesterday, those files are always fine and stay put. However, I dragged some audio files from my PC and dropped them into the song and this morning only those PC files have gone missing. Why not the ones recorded directly into Logic? When I save the song it all gets saved to the same place so all files should be there. As I've said, this is the third time that this has happened so if I'm doing something wrong then wouldn't it show up as other files missing as well? Anyway, I hope this helps as I really need to solve this problem and if I'm doing something wrong, please correct me. Thanks for your help, John

dnanian 06-22-2005 02:41 PM

Well, John, I don't understand how that folder can vanish. Truly, we do not ever delete files from the source. I can see how, when combining backups, you can end up with a problem (Smart Update of one drive will remove what you copied from the other).

But, the *source* should never have files removed.

I guess I'd need to see your SuperDuper!.log. If you could locate it (it's in Library/Logs off your Home folder) and send it into support, I'll take a look and see if I can figure out what's going on.

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