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Canoe112 12-26-2004 08:59 PM

Compression or Encryption
I just downloaded the trial version of SuperDuper and will buy it if it meets my requirements.

I have a few questions:

1. Does SuperDuper have compression capabilities? If so, how are they activated.

2. Does SuperDuper have encryption capabilities? How is this activated.

3. I wish to back up only selected directories, such as Documents and selected Preferences folders. Does this require a script to be built or is there another way to choose specific Directories?

4. Can the back up files be restored without SuperDuper or is SuperDuper required for the restore process?

5. Please confirm the program will shoot a back up to a USB Flash Drive.



dnanian 12-27-2004 02:43 AM

Hi, Canoe112.

SuperDuper! makes a 'clone' backup, and as such can't directly compress or encrypt, since then the backup wouldn't really be a clone! But, if you store the backup in a disk image (which you can create using Disk Utility, and use as a drive), that image can have both compression and encryption turned on. Since you mount it yourself, SD! will treat it as a drive/volume, and can back up to it. (You can also store this image on a flash drive, should that be something you want.)

See the FAQ entry "How do I update an image?" for more information about images...

If you want to back up specific directories, you do need to create a copy script. But copy scripts are quite simple -- it's just a matter of selecting the folders/files you want picked. It's just a way to store that and a description -- there's no real 'scripting' involved, as such.

Hope that helps.

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