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dnanian 09-05-2002 04:48 PM

USB Audio and AirPort: Problems Galore!
Trying to use USB audio devices (such as the iMic or Sonica) with Airport? Is your sound breaking up, stopping or stuttering?

Join the club!

Since there are a number of us out there who have tried this configuration, I thought I'd post a note here explaining what's going on, as best I can.

Which is to say: there's a bug in OS X. In some configurations, including the new iMac, extensive AirPort access while playing USB audio causes the USB audio subsystem to stutter, hang, or otherwise cut out.

This happens whether or not netTunes is installed, but netTunes aggravates the situation because it causes additional ethernet traffic to stream over the wireless connection. As the traffic increases, the likelihood of hitting this problem increases.

Griffin, Midiman and Apple are all aware of the problem, although it's pretty low priority since it affects only a small number of customers. But, if you're running into the issue, please report it to Apple! They'll fix it if they get enough complaints...I hope.

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