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Catnap 06-01-2005 01:06 AM

Help for "Safe mode"?
I cannot make my computer (10.3.8) boot into safe mode, even tho it says that is what it is doing. I have tried restarts, log-outs, even turning the computer off for an hour, but no matter how long or how little I hold down the Shift key, the only thing that gets turned off is the Airport connection. Please embarrass me; tell me what I should be doing. Or can I do a manual work-around thru Activity Monitor? After I read the manual, I had hoped the SD backup would be a snap, but right now I'm what's snapping.

dnanian 06-01-2005 08:42 AM

Why are you trying to boot into safe mode, Catnap?

Catnap 06-01-2005 11:41 AM

Safe Mode Needed for Backup?
According to the SD User's Guide " Itís usually a good practice to quit all running applications before performing a backup. Since there are some that arenít visible, like the Microsoft Office Database Daemon, itís easiest to log out of your account, and then log back in with the Shift key held down. This will prevent your startup items from running" and I want to make a bootable clone before I start doing a system upgrade. If I can make a valid clone without being in Safe Mode, then I don't need Safe Mode. But I do have Microsoft Office installed.

Could Unsanity's APE (Application Enhancer) be involved here? I know I need to turn it off for really big system updates. If I turn it off before cloning, can I turn it on again from the clone when (if) I'm running from the clone?

If I can clone without having to be in Safe Mode, I'll be happy. Thanks for your time.

dnanian 06-01-2005 12:28 PM

Ah, OK: all I'm talking about there is logging out, not shutting down. When you log out and then hold shift down when you log in, it simply prevents login items from running -- which isn't strictly necessary, but ensures that you're mostly idle when you back up.

You definitely don't have to use Safe Mode unless you're having some kind of kernel extension conflict. It doesn't sound like you're having that kind of issue at all, so no need.

Catnap 06-01-2005 03:39 PM

Thanks, I'll try it this way.
Since I couldn't shut off the start-ups even after logging out and back-in-with-shift, I'll try the manual approach then. This program looks so good that after I looked at the discussions, I paid before I tried. And I suppose if this backup doesn't work properly I can always phone AppleHelp and whine at someone there--about the Safe Boot problem, I mean, not about SD.

--Crossing my fingers--and thanks for the qick responses. :)

dnanian 06-01-2005 04:22 PM

You should be fine, Catnap -- just give it a shot, and let me know if you run into any problems actually running the backup!

Catnap 06-02-2005 03:02 AM

Mirror Image Wouldn't Quit
If anyone else has this problem, the cause was an extremely stubborn Mirror Image that would not and Would Not quit until it finally gave up.

Now that I have this lovely new backup and can run from it, how do I get safely out of here and back to the main drive so I can make a safety clone (assuming I can out-stubborn Mirror Image again)? Can I just click the Macintosh HD icon or do I need to do something more esoteric? :confused:

dnanian 06-02-2005 08:31 AM

What's "Mirror Image", Catnap?

To boot back to the main drive, just use the Startup Disk preference pane in System Preferences.

Do remember, too, that a "Safety Clone" creates a sandbox, not a backup. It's more of a checkpoint of your system files, and doesn't back up any of your personal stuff. You'd also likely want to place it on its own partition, alongside a real backup. That partition need only be about 8-12GB, depending on your particular install.

Catnap 06-02-2005 12:57 PM

Brain was asleep
Sorry, Dave, I meant Mirror Agent, the sync-to-dotMac busybody. My brain had turned itself off.

Thanks for reminding me about the Startup Disk pref pane. I knew that stuff back in the days of earlier OSs and haven't needed to use it for some time.

Thanks again for walking me through this. And I really did read your User's Guide too! :o

dnanian 06-02-2005 01:03 PM

Interesting! I don't know why that would have trouble quitting, but it's something to keep an eye on. Thanks!

(And happy to help.)

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