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dnanian 04-30-2005 11:36 PM

"Could not disable ignore permissions" when backing up on Tiger
There's a small bug in Tiger's installer that interferes with SuperDuper!'s ability to check and enable permissions for a given volume. This doesn't happen on all systems, but it does on many.

Fortunately, the problem is easy to fix with a single command in Terminal. Copy the following line:


sudo rm /var/db/volinfo.database
Open Terminal, and paste it. If your cursor is at the end of the line, press Return.

Enter your password (it won't echo -- that's for your safety) and press Return again. Once you receive the prompt again, exit Terminal and restart your Macintosh.

For users who are nervous about using Terminal, you can use Finder instead. To do so:

- Switch to the Finder
- Choose the "Go To Folder" command in the "Go" menu (or press Shift-Cmd-G)
- Specify:


as the folder to go to, and click "Go"

- Select the file "volinfo.database" in the folder that opens
- Delete the file by pressing Cmd-Delete or dragging it to the Trash (you'll have to authenticate with your password)
- Restart the system

Once restarted, the problem should be resolved.
(For the technically inclined, the problem here is that after Tiger's installer messes with it, volinfo.database ends up in a state where there's a missing carriage return. That puts two of the lines that define volume ownership state on one, and thus the tools that manipulate the file don't work properly any more. Instead of deleting the file, you could edit it to add the missing carriage return and clean up the following entries... it's pretty obvious where, once you're in there. But don't try this unless you're pretty good at this kind of thing: it's a lot easier to just delete it.)

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