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camner 03-10-2015 12:22 AM

sort order in Load Settings
This is an extremely small matter....

Whenever I open SD and then go to Load Settings, the sort order of the items is always by modification date rather than by file name (I'd prefer the latter). Of course, I can click on the column heading and change the sort order, but SD doesn't seem to remember the selected order from the last time SD was used and once again presents the folder in modification date order. Is there a way to remedy this?

dnanian 03-10-2015 06:59 AM

I've just checked this here, and it works fine for me. I sorted by file name, opened Load Settings again, it was retained. Then I quit SD! and reopened it and checked, and it was still retained...

camner 03-28-2015 12:16 AM

I can't account for this, but this is what happens for me....

I backup using SD once a week, and I have three different volumes to backup, using three different SD settings files. When I first open SD and use "Load Settings" the files are presented in Date Modified order. I then click on the Name column and of course things are now in Name order. I can quit SD and restart, and the Load Settings file window stays in Name order, just as you have found. I do my backups, no problem. Then, the following week, I open SD again, and darned if the Load Settings window isn't in Date Modified order again! And no, there hasn't been a reboot in the intervening week.

This has been going on this way for over a's just odd and mildly annoying.

dnanian 03-28-2015 07:18 AM

We're not in control of the sort order here - it's being saved by the panel. Maybe you're restarting your Mac and the system caches it in memory?

camner 03-28-2015 06:17 PM

Hmmm...interesting. I have seen this problem without an intervening restart.

I just decided to try deleting the .DS_Store file in the Settings folder. I have no idea whether than will make a difference. Is that where OS X stores the sort order of a Finder folder?

dnanian 03-29-2015 07:30 AM

No, .DS_Store controls Finder, not the Open panel. I don't know why this is happening to you: I can't reproduce it.

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