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dnanian 04-20-2004 10:33 AM

AirPort Extreme update got you down? Roll back!
If you're running from a SuperDuper! safety clone, and the latest Apple AirPort Extreme software update is causing you trouble, you're in luck!

Remember, the Safety Clone isolates your system from the potential problems a software update or drive install can cause. You can get back the old software quickly: simply start up from your original (base) volume. Your user files remain up to date, and the original AirPort Extreme drives are still there. In fact, your original AirPort Admin utility is there as well: you should be able to use it to install the original base station firmware, should that be causing trouble.

Remember to use Smart Update to "reset" your Safety Clone: this will roll it back to the state on your base drive. Then, reboot from it again. Don't install the AirPort update until you're sure it's ben fixed -- but if you do, install it on the safety clone again, and you'll be able to roll back should there be a problem!

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