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ashleykaryl 05-02-2020 12:05 PM

Best hard drives in 2020?
I ran a search here and found some old threads, but things change and I wondered if there are any thoughts on the best and worst hard drive brands in 2020? Also any thoughts on the reliability of SSD vs SATA.

Over the years I've had failures with external WD, but the internal drives have been good. I have never had a failure with a Samsung drive, whether SATA or SSD. The SATA Samsung drives have been in full time use now for more than 11 years. Three of them have been in the Mac Pro and I wonder how much it helped them having good ventilation. From memory I believe the SATA were enterprise class drives.

No failures so far with three Toshiba external drives over the last three years. The drives that really seem to stick out with multiple failures have been external Seagate and Maxtor.

I am just about to buy a couple external 4TB drives, which made me pause for thought before hitting the buy button.

dnanian 05-02-2020 12:16 PM

I'd probably look at Backblaze's drive stats info...

ashleykaryl 05-02-2020 12:44 PM

I did read those earlier and noticed HGST seem to do well. Their setup in a server environment would be very different from what the average user would have, so I don't know how well their data translates to office or domestic use.

In theory as technology improves, so should the reliability of modern drives unless they are building them with known obsolescence.

dnanian 05-02-2020 12:57 PM

All drives die. It's going to happen. And selecting a drive doesn't mean you'll get average/mean performance. You can hope.

(In general, WD/Seagate own almost all the drive manufacturers, as I recall, including HGST.)

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