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MacTech 07-01-2004 11:01 PM

Problems making an image backup
Having a problem creating an all files image backup (ASR)
fails to create a image backup of all files from one drive to another.
Have tried it also with a powerbook in target disk mode and get the same error. No other progams are running in the background.
Included log file.
Running on B&W G3 10.3.4

|09:22:20 PM|Info| Ignoring /private/var/tmp/mds
|09:22:20 PM|Info| Ignoring /private/var/tmp/3fdf931821882
|09:26:42 PM|Info| Ignoring /Volumes/HD
|09:26:42 PM|Info| Ignoring /Volumes/X
|09:26:42 PM|Info| Ignoring /mach.sym
|09:26:42 PM|Info| Ignoring /mach
|09:26:42 PM|Info| Ignoring /Desktop DF
|09:26:42 PM|Info| Ignoring /Desktop DB
|09:26:42 PM|Info| Scanned 116067 items occupying 4.24 GB (22063 directories, 91516 files, 2488 symlinks)
|09:26:42 PM|Info| Copied 116009 items totaling 4.11 GB (22048 directories, 91475 files, 2486 symlinks)
|09:26:42 PM|Info| Cloned 4.11 GB of data in 1494 seconds at an effective transfer rate of 2.82 MB/s
|09:26:43 PM|Info| PHASE: Conclude Target Setup
|09:26:43 PM|Info| ...ACTION: Create Source ASR Image
|09:26:43 PM|Info| ......COMMAND => Unmounting /Volumes/HD/j3.dmg from /tmp/SVUmount
|09:26:46 PM|Info| "disk1" unmounted.
|09:26:46 PM|Info| "disk1" ejected.
|09:26:46 PM|Info| ......COMMAND => Converting /Volumes/HD/j3.dmg to UDRO format
|09:26:48 PM|Info| Preparing imaging engine...
|09:26:48 PM|Info| Reading DDM...
|09:26:48 PM|Info| (CRC32 $ACD97B8E: DDM)
|09:26:48 PM|Info| Reading Apple_partition_map (0)...
|09:26:48 PM|Info| (CRC32 $447DFF12: Apple_partition_map (0))
|09:32:15 PM|Error| hdiutil: convert failed - Input/output error
|09:32:15 PM|Info| Reading Apple_HFS (1)...

dnanian 07-02-2004 05:08 PM

Sorry it took a little while to get back to you, MacTech.

This looks to me like there's not enough space on the target volume to store the image and then convert it in place (which requires about 2x the space). Possible?

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