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Timmy 11-17-2005 01:25 PM

Is Spotlight an issue?
I'm new to Tiger so I don't really have a firm grasp on managing how Spotlight performs its indexing.

What I am wondering is if we need to do anything special regarding Spotlight when making a simple "Backup all files" to an external FW drive.

My concern is that during the backup process that Spotlight will try to index the target drive as the backup is being written resulting in a slow-down of the backup process and a needless index of the target being created on the source drive.
(I'm not sure if that last item is relevant since I don't know where the Spotlight index is stored for external drives, i.e on the boot-drive running Spotlight or on the drive being indexed...)

Thanks for any insights into this!

dnanian 11-17-2005 03:54 PM

You can use the "disable_spotlight" script we provide in the FAQ area of the board to turn spotlight off post-indexing, but it will still be copied from the source. That can be prevented by changing the copy script.

But, if you wait a little while longer, we've got a better method in v2.0, coming soon...

Timmy 11-17-2005 06:14 PM

What if I don't use the disable_spotlight script or change the copy script...?
Will the resulting clone still be fully functional/bootable ?

dnanian 11-17-2005 06:17 PM

Yes, it will, as long as you use "Backup - all files".

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