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mcthomas 08-12-2005 03:04 PM

Partitioning - Rules of Thumb
It is seldom that so many knowledgeable Mac sites on the internet speak so highly of an application as is true with Super Duper. Congratulations.

I plan to partition a 120 GB D2 Lacie Firewire HD into fourths or fifths, if feasible. Is there some rule of thumb re sizing to consider first?

According to finder info my G4 PowerMac HD is using approximately 15 GB of an 80 GB drive. It will be cloned and safety cloned.

I read in a posting herein that the Safety Clone usually involves 10-12 GB. The open question then seems to be the size requirement for the clone.

Thanks for the help.


dnanian 08-12-2005 03:15 PM

Thanks, mcthomas. I hope that, after you have some experience with SuperDuper!, you'll be chiming in with them, too! :)

You can partition your HD into as many partitions as you'd like. The rule of thumb, in general, is to have enough space to store what you think the *maximum* amount of data you're going to have on the drive is.

So, with an 80GB drive, if you think you'll never get over about 60GB, you'd need a 60GB partition to do a full backup. We won't span drives or partitions, though, so you'll have to make it large enough, or you'll need to repartition later (a program like iPartition can be used to do that with data in place, should that become necessary).

Remember, too, that if you're planing to mix data and backup on the same drive, isolate the data in its own partition -- don't try to combine the two.

Hope that helps!

mcthomas 08-12-2005 04:09 PM

Partitioning Rules of Thumb
Thanks for the quick reply. Am already an advocate of Super Duper based on the reviews, this forum quality and the user's manual. Look forward to the next step of actual use.

So are you saying that if my current HD use is about 15 gig and not expected to exceed say 25 gig that the bootable clone partition can be set for 25gig + say 10%?

Also would you please clarify the comment about not mixing data with backup.

My plan is to isolate the bootable clone from the safety clone (two partitions) the Mac maintenance SW, eg. Tech Tool and Disk Warrior together in a different partition and a full Home Directory backup into a still different partition; plan to use Sync (can schedule) at least until SD 2 comes out. Is this what you meant?



dnanian 08-12-2005 04:40 PM

Re: 25GB + 10%, that's exactly what I'm saying.

What I meant about data vs. backup is that some people store files on their FireWire drive that have nothing to do with the backup at all -- movie files, music, or whatever. If you're going to do that, don't put those files on the same partition as a backup, since Smart Update -- which you should use -- would end up erasing them: after all, they're not on the original drive.

Make more sense?

mcthomas 08-12-2005 04:49 PM

Partitioning - Rules of Thumb
Got it. Thanks much.


dnanian 08-12-2005 04:52 PM

My pleasure -- let us know how it works out.

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