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Dan Lester 03-24-2022 09:38 AM

scheduled backup failure
Just thought I'd report an odd occurrence. I have scheduled daily backups to two disks. I hadn't checked on them in a few weeks, but when I did, I found that one was working fine, and the other was not working at all. This second scheduled backup (to a new SSD) simply wasn't running. The "Last Copy" recorded for it was weeks ago, and the "Next Copy" was properly listed for tomorrow. The "Next Copy" was being updated every day, even though the copy was never made. The schedule seemed to be filled out correctly for daily operation, but I deleted and reentered it. It appears to now be working properly. Kind of strange. The lesson here is that if you have scheduled backups, check on the "Last Copy" occasionally to make sure they're really doing what they're supposed to be doing.

dnanian 03-24-2022 10:31 AM

Did you have it set to not give an error when a volume was missing?

Dan Lester 03-24-2022 01:01 PM

I can't be sure, but I don't think the volume was missing from SuperDuper. Certainly the volume was mounted on the machine, as the first clue I had that this was happening was when opened the volume to see what was not supposed to be there.

That being said, how do you set SuperDuper to give an error when the volume is missing? That would be smart thing to do.

dnanian 03-24-2022 01:14 PM

The default is to show an error (it's a checkbox in the settings sheet).

I'm guessing you had it unchecked and had modified the low-level ID of the volume that wasn't running, so while the name may have been the same, it was no longer the same ID as it was before.

Dan Lester 03-24-2022 01:49 PM

Ah, I see that checkbox, and it was not checked. Maybe I accidentally unchecked it? The disk at issue is a new SSD, and I'm writing to two partitions on it. A "weekly" partition, and a "daily" partition. It was the latter that wasn't working. The former was. Both partitions were created at the same time, so it isn't clear why one low-level ID would be screwed up and the other wasn't.

dnanian 03-24-2022 01:55 PM

I don't know, Dan. The evidence is, at this point, lost, so we'll have to see if it happens again.

Remember, we support notifications, and you can use those to see if the backups are running...

Dan Lester 03-25-2022 08:43 AM

That's true about notifications, but if you have multiple backups, the notification doesn't tell you which one was actually completed.

dnanian 03-25-2022 09:21 AM

I don't understand what you mean. It explicitly says "Copy of (source) to (destination) succeeded.", or it'll give an error about a failure...?

Dan Lester 03-25-2022 11:42 AM

Let's see. I'm talking about Mac notifications. When I do a SuperDuper backup, this is the notification that I see.
Doesn't really tell you much. Is there some other notification that I should be getting?

Um, I attached an [IMG] link here, but it doesn't seem to show up. What I'm trying to point you at is
It simply says "SuperDuper! Copy Succeeded Notification"

dnanian 03-25-2022 11:43 AM

There's no picture in what you sent, but the text is exactly what I typed above.

Dan Lester 03-25-2022 11:59 AM

My apologies. Try this
That's the Mac notification I get after I do a SuperDuper backup. It says that it succeeded in doing a backup, but certainly doesn't tell me from where and to where the backup was done. Am I supposed to be seeing a more informative notification?

dnanian 03-25-2022 12:28 PM

For some reason, your notification doesn't have the additional information that's part of the notification, yes. But it's certainly posted with the info, and I can see it here.

Dan Lester 03-25-2022 12:58 PM

Well, I'm a little baffled. The notification I see doesn't give any from- and to- information about a SuperDuper backup. It just says that some backup has succeeded. So if SuperDuper is supposed to be making a more informative notification, why am I not seeing it? What info are you looking at?

Now, I thought I figured it out. I was running a grandfathered Growl, which has now been retired, and I seem to recall that Growl prevents SuperDuper from issuing notifications. But I killed Growl, did another SuperDuper backup, and I still get the same uninformative notification.

dnanian 03-25-2022 01:17 PM

I don't know what to tell you, Dan. That's not what we send. Quite possibly a bug in Apple's notification handling.

Dan Lester 03-25-2022 01:22 PM

Just FYI, I'm using Monterey 12.2.1 on a 2021 M1 iMac. Would like to figure this out. I would sure like to see an "I did THIS backup" notification. Without that, I have to launch SuperDuper and scrounge down in the schedules to see "Last Copy".

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