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Jo* 07-02-2008 03:43 PM

General setup using PPC PowerBook, Intel iMac and ext. FW drive (long...)
Hi there,

I am a happy (reg.) user of SD! for almost 2 yrs now. SD! always superbly performed my (up until now not so ambitious) task of backing up the internal HD of my G4 PowerBook running on OS X 10.4.11 to an external "One Technologies" FireWire drive. So far this perfectly well did the job for me and thus there was no need to ask for help.

However, things will get a little more complex. I am soon complementing my PowerBook with an Intel iMac 2.8Ghz to be the main working machine and the PowerBook to be the "on the move"-machine, mirroring the data of the iMac. Both machines will be connected via a small network.

This is what (I think) I want the setup between the Intel iMac, the PPC PowerBook and the external FW-drive to look like:

1. I will upgrade the PowerBook to Leopard, making sure I will have 2 identical and compatible OS environments.

2. After setting up the iMac, I would like to move all files and folders (not the apps.) from the PowerBook to the iMac, preferably using SD!.

3. When both systems are on an identical status (data-wise); I would like to back-up the regularly being changed files and folders on the iMac to the PowerBook, so I can always just grab the Book and feel confident, that I have the same data on it as on the iMac (assumed I will perform regularly scheduled or manual backups from the iMac to the PowerBook). In case I change any files on the PowerBook, I will just copy them back to the iMac via drag&drop over the network.

4. I would like to use the external FireWire drive as an additional backup-device, regularly backing-up (scheduled) both the data on the iMac as well as the one on the PowerBook using SD!.

5. Additionally I would like to boot and run both machines from a Sandbox (which I haven't done so far, thus being not too familiar with this).

I hope, the above is somewhat understandable and - more important - makes any sense :-)

My questions:

A) Will the PPC-run PowerBook and the Intel-based iMac compatible in terms of shuffling data back and forth (predominantly from the iMac to the PowerBook) using SD! ? How would the SD! backup-setup look like (script- and option-wise)?

B) Will the external drive to be partitioned in a special manner in order to work with both (PPC and Intel) -machines?

C) I am thinking to partition both internal HDs (PowerBook and iMac) into 2 partitions respectively, one of each holding the data, the other one being used for the Sandboxes. Each partition on either machine then should be backed up to the external drive regularly. Does that make sense or should I only backup the data, not the Sandboxes?

D) I will partition the external drive as follows:

Part. 1: Regular backup of iMac.

Part. 2: Regular backup of iMac Sandbox.

Part. 3: Regular backup of PowerBook.

Part. 4: Regular backup of PowerBook Sandbox.

Part. 5: Archive of old data, which is not to be overwritten.

Does this configuration make sense?

E) Can I multi-schedule the different backups using the different SD!-scripts?

F) Last: Will I have to have an additional license for SD! Both machines will only being worked on by me; in fact they will reside on my desk next to each other and only one machine will be in use at a given time.

Thanks a lot!


dnanian 07-02-2008 03:48 PM

We're really not designed to synchronize folders on two computers like this, Jo*. So that part of this won't be possible.

As of Leopard, Apple strongly discourages sharing a startup drive between PPC and Intel Macs: they go so far as to suppress Apple Partition Map-partitioned drives (for Power PC) when you're running on Intel. So I'd suggest two separate drives, each properly partitioned for the Mac you're dealing with.

It doesn't make much sense to use a Sandbox the way you're describing, either: they're typically for more advanced users, so you might not need one at all.

Finally, you can certainly schedule as many backups as you'd like.

Jo* 07-05-2008 04:01 PM

Thx Dave for your quick reply. I guess I will use the ext. drive to just backup the iMac HD then and use some other sync software to sync the PowerBook and the iMac. Sandbox will be left for later :-)

In this respect, can anyone recommend a stable and reliable sync software? I was looking at Chronosync as well as Synk. Anyone using either of these (or other apps) and can share experience...?

Thank you


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