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NightOne 10-19-2011 01:31 PM

SuperDuper Saves Butt...Again!
I've been using SuperDuper since early 2007 and have always recommended it highly. It is been one of those things that just runs and does it little thing every night without me thinking that much about it.

Until....... 2011

A few months back the hard drive in my wife's 2+ year old 24" iMac decided to die. The iMac was actually booting off the SuperDuper backup drive for a couple of days before I noticed there was an issue. I ordered a drive from Amazon and let her continue to operate as normal using the external backup drive in the meantime. When the drive arrived, I disassembled the iMac and installed the new drive. I then used SuperDuper to copy the backup drive to the new internal drive. Rebooted and ba-da-bing....back in business.

SuperDuper saves the day! (#1)

On October 5th of this year Steve Jobs dies (very sad) and on 10-13-2011 my 24"iMac dies with black and white vertical lines down the screen. It won't boot from any drives. I take it to the Apple store since it is under warranty and it is determined that the video card is bad. In addition they say the hard drive is bad as well. As of today (10-19-2011) it is still awaiting repair. :( The Genius at the store asked me: "do you have backup of your data" to which I reply "of course".

In fact, since my wife's iMac and my iMac are twins (bought on the same day and the same model, etc.) I actually plugged my SuperDuper backup drive via firewire into her Mac, rebooted, held down the option key, and was basically back in business with my data/install. Lucky I have this wonderful fully bootable backup!

Being paranoid, I whipped out another external drive I had and used SuperDuper to make a backup of my backup. As it was backing up the backup I was thinking to myself: "what if I had lost all this data...WOW.. I don't even want to think about how I would handle that".

Two days ago I decided to order a new 27" iMac from Amazon while I was still waiting for my 24" to be repaired. It arrived yesterday and I fired it up and when Apple's Migration Assistant popped up I told it to transfer from my SuperDuper backup drive. I'm now up and running on the new iMac.

SuperDuper save the day again! (#2)

Of course, I hope SuperDuper doesn't have to rescue me again any time soon, but it great to know that it is there for me.

Big Thanks to SuperDuper, Dave, and Shirt Pocket for a wonderful app !

dnanian 10-19-2011 01:56 PM

We can't be there for you unless you take the steps to use us, so congratulations on a job well done!

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