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lawuun 07-01-2005 09:35 AM

an error occured while pre-scanning...
Hi, I've just buyed superduper!, registered and made my first system backup.
At the end of 2 hours duplicating time there's the message "an error occured while pre-scanning (save destination) to support fastblock copy restore" - the program stops and there's not a kb in the destination folder.
Tried it several times with same result.
I'm using OSX 10.3.9 on a G5 2x2 machine.
Please help me out of this problem.
Thanks for your support.
Best regards

dnanian 07-01-2005 10:25 AM

Hi, lawuun. It seems that the conversion to DMG is failing due to some problem in hdiutil; we've listed a known bug in 10.3.9 in the FAQ that's likely what you're running into, as well as a workaround. (Choose "Frequently Asked Questions" from your Help menu to access them.)

If that doesn't help, please send your SuperDuper!.log into support so I can analyze it.


lawuun 07-01-2005 05:09 PM

Thanks Dave - the workaround with the sparseimage worked well!

dnanian 07-01-2005 05:11 PM

Great! Glad to be able to help.

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