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2stepbay 09-30-2005 07:03 PM

After updating to the latest version of labels, and closing all finder windows before cloning, SuperDuper cloned the HD in 15 minutes. A second clone immediately following the first cloned at 14 minutes. Now that's what I call progress!??? :confused: Perhaps Unsanity thought I said I wanted longer clone times! :p

My sense, if I have any left :eek: is to wait for 10.4.3 before going any further with this process. This is seeming more and more like a rabbit hole.

Anyway, I'm going to Japan for 3 weeks, so being away from computer-land may offer me some new perspectives about life without computers. Of course, in my absence there will probably be a rash of updates/upgrades to my various apps. creating quite a steep "learning-curve" for when I return, and of course rapidly dissolving my new perspectives. ;)

Clone-on, warp 9. :cool:

dnanian 09-30-2005 11:22 PM

Yeah. It's hard to know what's affecting your times. Have you looked in Activity Monitor to see if any processes are taking up a significant amount of time?

Or -- wait until you return... and enjoy Japan!

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