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j1z 08-21-2009 02:11 PM

Slooow copying

My macbook collapsed the other day. I can't boot it anymore. The harddrive was full and it had become really slow.

I have connected a macbook pro on firewire. When copying files with finder it was really slow and made errors all the time. So a had to find another way to get my data out.

I was so happy to discover SuperDuper. Now i cleared the space needed to copy about 140 GB. I only chose to copy the "user" folders.

Now SuperDuper has been running for 21 hours. It says:

774,907 of 864,551 files evaluated. 15,956 files copied. Effective copy speed 1.06 mb/s. 119.11 GB evaluated. 0.00 mb already up to date, 78,99 GB copied.

Do i just have to wait another 10-20 hours for it to finish?

I have tryed making spotlight for this new copy be private, because some forum said that helped. I have also disabled (renamed a file) the isight camera, said to in the whitepapers.

So I need help to get my speed up or at least certanty that i just have to wait long enough for my copy to finish.

dnanian 08-21-2009 03:56 PM

It sounds like if you look at the log you're going to see a lot of errors. My guess is that your drive is returning many failures, and retries are "looking" like they succeed, but likely aren't... in general, SuperDuper! is designed to back up your files before your disk fails, not after.

You can try waiting, but I do think that it's unlikely you're going to get a good copy, and -- if you have no other backups -- you may have to go to a data recovery service...

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