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dnanian 05-12-2005 11:14 AM

How do I disable spotlight for my backup drive?
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A number of users have asked us how to disable spotlight for their backup volume, within SuperDuper!

As of v2.0, when used with Tiger 10.4.3 or later, it's quite easy: just add the volume to the Privacy tab of the Spotlight preference pane. We'll automatically ensure that that state is maintained, and all should work fine.

With v1.5.5, we have a little program that will disable spotlight for the backup drive automatically, at the end of the backup.

To use, unzip the attachment to an appropriate folder. (I suggest your personal Applications folder, but it's up to you.) Ensure that it looks like an "Unix executable file" when viewed in the finder.

Now, open SuperDuper! In Options, there's a selection for a "Site Customization Script". Check the box, and select the "disable_spotlight" executable in the open panel.

That's all you have to do. Now, every time your backup completes, spotlight will be automatically disabled for the destination volume.

Hope that helps, and enjoy!

(For the advanced user: there's a full discussion of these scripts in the User's Guide. Check it out!)

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