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dnanian 02-07-2008 06:34 PM

How do I copy a Time Machine volume?
This isn't yet in the documentation, but copying a Time Machine volume is easy, and just like copying any other: use "Backup - all files" with "Erase, then copy" or "Smart Update".

It's a good idea to turn Time Machine off before trying to copy a Time Machine volume. Also, make sure that your destination volume has Journaling turned on (it should be formatted as "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)", since Time Machine requires it.

When your copy is complete, if you want to use the copy for Time Machine, select the new volume in Time Machine's Preference Pane.

Note: You cannot copy an HFS+ (Mac OS Extended) Time Machine volume to APFS: APFS does not support the features needed (specifically, directory hard links). In addition, APFS Time Machine volumes cannot be copied at all: Apple uses features that cannot currently be copied by 3rd parties (or even Apple's own asr replicator).

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