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Irl 07-07-2017 06:21 PM

Replacing a failing multipartition internal SSD
I have a MacBookPro11,2 running 10.11.6. I am getting internal-test (S.M.A.R.T.) messages that the 500 GB SSD internal disk is wearing out. I have three partitions on it in addition to EFI and Recovery: OS, User, Scratch. (I use different backup strategies on them which is why I set it up this way.) My question is whether the following is a good (or the best) way to replace the drive and migrate my data.
Purchase a 480 GB AURA replacement SSD, which comes with an external enclosure (USB3-capable) which will accept the existing internal SSD.
Make sure I have current SD! backups of all three partitions.
Swap the old SSD into the enclosure and the new one into the MacBook.
Boot to the old SSD. (If it has actually failed by then, then boot to my OS SuperDuper backup.)
Install the OS onto the new SSD using the installer I saved after downloading it a while ago. This will allegedly create the recovery partition as well. I now have one ~500GB partition with the OS on it and also have the Recovery partition.
Boot to the new SSD and add the two needed partitions (User and Scratch)
Use SD! Backup-all files from Old SSD OS partition (or SD! backup if necessary) to New SSD OS partition.
Ditto for the User and Scratch partitions.
I could save a few bux by buying the replacement device bare, in which case I could only do the restore from the existing SD! backups, but I'd rather have in hand more than one source for my data. (I.e., without the external enclosure I have no backup, since the backup is the only available version.)

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