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Gerry Yu 09-29-2011 01:31 PM

Lion backup won't work

I did a all files backup from my new MBair to a 20GB Datastor external HD.
The backup supposedly was OK as everything was green after backup. But on the startup disk, the Datastor does not show up.

As well, the MBA has about 15GB "in use" but the Datastor only shows about 9 GB copied. So, some files from MBair are missing.

I did the backup twice with the same results. I used the V 2.6.4 for Lion and backup All Files.

What else should I do to make the backup work?

BTW, I recovered my password. Thanks.

dnanian 09-30-2011 12:39 AM

The 9GB -> 15GB isn't necessarily an issue (it could be the sleep image, VM files, etc). If it's not showing up as a startup disk, it sounds incorrectly partitioned. See Help > Frequently Asked Questions, top question.

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