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greenjeens 05-21-2006 11:52 AM

First Boot Experience, Seagate 400GB PushButton FW Works!
Short version...

A clone boot works perfectly from Seagate 400GB (70002.8 16mb cache).

How would one use the push button on the Seagate HD?

For some reason holding OPTION is the only command to boot from an external FW CD or external FW drive.

(Long Version, First experience with Super Duper and Drive manipulation)

Using Panther 10.3.9 and a Sawtooth PPC 400. Goal was to create a bootable OS X back up clone on a new Seagate drive and back up iTunes Library from another FW Drive
On my first ever attempt to create a boot clone using Super Duper, I created a sparse Image on the wrong drive??? So, spent some time reading this forum's tips and rereading the Super duper manual. Never heard of the Initio version of Firewire and possible boot volume problems. My other Hard drive is an OWC Elite Combo (Seagate 250 GB). The plug and play of OWC was nice, but formating and partitioning of the Seagate drive was easy using disc utility.

The first thing I did was to optimize and rebuild the internal HD OSX volume with Disc Warrior 3.0.2. Used Tech Tools 4.0 to check out everything. Might as well have a bootable drive in good shape on hand.
Remembering to hold down SHIFT on startup so the Startup items didn't load (Safe Boot), the Mac's 20 GB internal drive was cloned using Super Duper to a 20 GB partition on the Seagate drive. Set the Super Duper schedule, then the corresponding Mac wake up in Energy Saver panel. So the computer is on when Super Duper backups run.
IIRC, the setting under "get info" on the boot drive "Ignore ownership on this volume" needs to be unchecked, to boot succesfully. Not sure if I had to do this manually?

Tested the ability to boot from the cloned volume on Seagate drive by holding OPTION down on startup. The new cloned drive showed up as a boot choice. Started and worked perfectly!
For some reason holding OPTION is the only command to boot from an external FW CD or external FW drive.

Holding C doesn't work and my cursor is locked using Option-Command-Shift-Delete. Thought there was another command set to boot multiple drives?

Any other refinements I left out?

Is there a way to use the push button on the Seagate HD? I assume it will initiate and instant backup but I'm kind of afraid of pushing it. forum has lots of HD info.

Seagate Pushbutton Combo USB/FW 400GB HD info
372.61 GB, 16mb cache. V 7002.8 ATA 100mb/sec
Seagate (Initio Fire Wire)
Model number ST3400632A

$200 at Frey's The Bounceback Express software that come with the drive does not allow a bootable clone to be made the upgrade pro sw is $59!

dnanian 05-21-2006 03:14 PM

Sounds like things went quite well, greenjeans.

SuperDuper! should automatically enable ownership on the drive, so you don't have to uncheck that yourself.

Also, if you want to select a drive for startup, you can use the Startup Disk Preference Pane. "C" will boot from the CD: it won't work with a FireWire drive.

I don't know how to get the Seagate button to work, but if they allow you to run a program when the button is pushed, you can follow the general steps in the Maxtor OneTouch FAQ entry (Help > Frequently Asked Questions).

Hope that helps!

greenjeens 05-22-2006 11:03 PM

Yes, believe it or not I read FAQ before asking questions. Not that i understood anything;)
Saw about how to get the Maxtor button to work. So the template is there should I get inspired.

Seems like a lot of work to get one button function to work, but I've used terminal commands little.
If I read it correctly, one can only select one set of volumes for instant Push Button backup.

I'll stick with the easy to navigate Super Duper menu and just clicking "Copy Now" for an instantaneous back up if needed.

Selecting any two volumes and "backup now" is very simple and much more flexible.

Thanks so much for all the assistance it's been very helpful to get some hand holding while setting up a backup plan for the first time. I'm sure there's lots more to glean searching around the FAQ and posts.

Feel like Super Duper basics are all handled for succesfull automatic back ups.

Also there were good revues on Version Tracker, I checked those out first, before purchasing your back up sw.
I even tried out some other backup software, in order to get a little perspective, but it got confusing. More or different options doesn't make something better.
Why mess with other backup apps when Super Duper is easy to understand, has plenty of useful advanced options like sandbox, works for exactly what i need, and has such excellent support?


dnanian 05-22-2006 11:15 PM

Thanks, Dave! I'm glad you've found that we're worthy of our reviews.

(Should you get inspired, I don't think you'll find those steps to be *too* difficult... but, yes, it's designed to do one backup operation.)

sdsl 05-25-2006 01:48 AM

I have two Maxtor One Touch external firewire drives and also two Seagate external firewire drives connected to various computers. Each of these (maxtor and Seagate) models has the one touch or push button backup button. Those buttons simply activate a program, and you can designate SuperDuper! to be that program. By default the Maxtor designates Retrospect and the Seagate designates Bounceback, but you can change that using the directions in the user manuals that they provide. The instructions are very clear.

That said, I don't recomend using the push button backup, or one touch backup, (unless you plan to never update your operating system). the reason is that the button backup is enabled only when you install the included drivers -- and sometimes those drivers need to be updated when a new incremental Mac OS update comes out. This is one more thing to worry about, and I prefer not to have to deal with that. Without the drivers installed (i.e. just take the drive out of the box and use it as is new after using Disk Utility to format it), the push button does nothing.

SuperDuper is, of course, a mere "two click" backup anyway -- one click on the dock icon and one more click to start the smart copy/update. and those two mouse clicks takes less energy than reaching down and over to push the button anyway on the drive! And the "two click" way doesn't require drivers that may need updating.

dnanian 05-25-2006 08:19 AM

Hi, sdsl. While there were definitely problems with these drives during the Panther -> Tiger transition, with Tiger Apple committed to a fixed Kernel Programming Interface. I think you'll find it'll be less of an issue going forward because of this...

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